Spice lover gift box


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For the spice lover

This basket is perfect for the spice lover in your life. The basket is full of some of our most popular chocolates with a little extra kick.

The Latin collection chocolate truffles exemplifies the beautiful fusion between fine, sweet chocolate and fresh peppers with Cayenne, Jalapeño and Habanero. Our deliciously intense recipe is thoughtfully infused with just a hint of cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and ground coffee, for a warming fix that’s deeply satisfying in our Mexican hot chocolate bark. The world’s hottest naturally grown pepper is combined with pure bittersweet chocolate to create an immediate tingling sensation as soon as you take your first bite of our Ghost pepper bark. The crunch of the pecan and sweet 64% dark chocolate fill the senses up front while the cayenne slowly creates tingling heat at the finish of our Pecan cayenne bark.

Celebrate fond memories or create new ones with the Spice lovers gift box.

This gift box contains:

  • Latin collection chocolate truffles
  • Mexican hot chocolate bark, 3oz
  • Ghost pepper chocolate bark, 3oz
  • Pecan cayenne chocolate bark, 3oz
  • Salt Lick BBQ dry rub chocolate bark, 3oz


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