As the owner and Chocolatier, it is my pleasure to share with you our passion for making life’s every moment, every occasion memorable by indulging in chocolate. Since 2008, Delysia has been handcrafting award-winning specialty confections that take chocolate to new heights of excellence. Our products are handmade using fine quality, sustainable chocolate and only the freshest ingredients so you can enjoy chocolate near perfection. I invite you to indulge in our delectable confections to get a taste of who we are here at Delysia. Relish our passion for creating the finest quality and most unique chocolates available.

Nicole Patel

In 2006, while pregnant with her first son, Chef Nicole Patel made a batch of chocolate truffles as last-minute holiday gifts. To the delight of her friends and family, truffle making became an enjoyable pastime for Nicole that relieved the stress of her corporate engineering job. Two years later a chance trip to Becker Vineyards in the Texas Hill Country led to Nicole being the first person in Texas to make truffles using local wines. Within five years of launching Delysia, Nicole was recognized as Top 10 Chocolatier in the Americas for two consecutive years. After competing in 2019 Best Chocolatiers and Confectioners in America competition, Delysia Chocolatier was awarded Top 3 Chocolatier in North and South America, a designation few chocolatiers have the privilege of receiving.

Nicole now pairs the process efficiency skills from her Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees with unbound creativity in the kitchen to keep Delysia successfully moving forward. Nicole never could have imagined how her experience working at a Fortune 100 company as a supply chain and business process improvement expert would prime her for distributing her own products across the country.

Nicole lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Rahul and their two sons, Sébastien and Colin.

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As a mother of two little foodies, Chef Nicole knows what it takes to appeal to the most discerning palettes. Being a mother drives all that Nicole does, and it was during her pregnancy with her first child that she took the initial step towards becoming the owner of Delysia Chocolatier.

Business Woman

Nicole takes pride in the fact that Delysia Chocolatier® is a 100% homegrown business that was financed with no outside assistance. The business is truly her own – from the recipes to the design concepts of the Chocolate Culinary Center.


Receiving a Bachelor of Science degree, Master of Engineering degree, Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification, and running a corporate Six Sigma program helped prime Nicole for the role of sole owner and proprietor. Those analytical skills compliment the creativity of her chocolates for a business that’s primed for success.


The creativity and beauty that Nicole brings to her craft is true artistry. Patrons often comment that the truffles are too beautiful to eat. But once they do, it is then that they fully appreciate her skill of turning fine ingredients into chocolates of perfection.


Nicole is dedicated to serving the local community through her creations. She is passionate about using local, sustainable ingredients and chocolate, allowing for superior quality confections. Annually, 10-15% of revenue is reinvested back into the community through volunteerism, product donations and financial contributions.

Every confection is made with care and attention to detail, but Chef Patel still has her favorites. Indulge in our chocolatier’s hand-selected choices.

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