Texas gift box, large


A basket as big as the lone star state

Our Texas basket is a collection of inspired chocolates that are perfect for any true Texan or a gift to bring home from your travels.

Our Texas Hill Country collection chocolate truffles uses locally sourced ingredients that blend the spicy, smoky, salty, and sweet flavors Texans love in a Smoked salted bourbon pecan truffle, Honey chipotle truffle, and Mexican mole truffle. Our Texas collection chocolate truffles includes local ingredients bountiful in Texas with Lavender, Honey, and Prickly pear truffles. Our Cayenne drinking chocolate has cayenne’s zesty zing combined with pure chocolate that encourages overall health while simultaneously awakening the senses. Our Pecan cayenne chocolate bark has the crunch of the pecan and sweet 64% dark chocolate that fill the senses up front while the cayenne slowly creates tingling heat at the finish. Eight solid ounces of the purest, freshest chocolate goes into creating an equally appetizing and fashionable Cowboy boot molded chocolate. Our Cowboy molded chocolate brings back the fun and excitement of the old West with a miniature cowboy. Our Guitar molded chocolate makes deliciously sweet music in solid chocolate. Our Cowboy hat molded chocolates take this authentic piece of cowboy apparel and expertly craft it into a three dimensional, solid piece of savory chocolate.

Celebrate fond memories or create new ones in the lone star state with the Texas basket.

This lone star inspired gift box contains:

  • Texas Hill Country collection chocolate truffles
  • Texas collection chocolate truffles
  • Cayenne drinking chocolate OR Lavender chocolate bark, 7oz
  • Cowboy boot molded chocolate
  • Pecan cayenne chocolate bark, 3oz
  • Lavender chocolate bark, 3oz
  • Cowboy molded chocolate
  • Guitar molded chocolate, small
  • Cowboy hat molded chocolate


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