Coffee lovers gift box


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Caffeinated indulgence

Our Coffee lover basket is just what the caffeinated in your life need. The basket is full of some of our most popular chocolates with a little extra kick.

Our Coffee collection chocolate truffles blends the bold flavors of mocha, cappuccino, and espressowith exquisite chocolate for an experience that may just make you skip your second cup.Locally sourced coffee beans are coarsely ground to give our Coffee dark chocolate bark a crisp, bitter bite. Our Coffee white chocolate bark has the concentrated flavor of the coffee beans that burst through the saccharine white chocolate, with grinds so fine they completely blend into the lush creaminess of the chocolate. Our Mocha chocolate bark adds a dash of cinnamon to milk chocolate with fine coffee grounds for a full mouth-feel that’s strong without overpowering the palette.

Any coffee lover would be in heaven with this coffee-centric basket.

This caffeinated gift box contains:

  • Coffee collection chocolate truffles
  • 2 Coffee dark chocolate bark, 3oz
  • Coffee white chocolate bark, 3oz
  • Mocha chocolate bark, 3oz


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