Celebrate the luck of the Irish with our brew-inspired St. Patrick’s Day collection. Infusing your favorite beers into decadent chocolate, look no further for the perfect way to celebrate the flavors of Ireland.

Inspired by Dublin’s own Guinness brewery, bittersweet chocolate is infused with rich Guinness beer and smoked salts for a malty sweetness and smoky saltiness. With a nutty butteriness from local pecans and sweet creaminess from swirled caramel, our take on an Irish classic is worth another round. For a beer on the lighter side, celebrate the holiday with our Lager-inspired white chocolate truffle. Infusing Killian’s Red Irish Lager, this classic Irish recipe finishes with a crisp and light finish. Bringing the Irish spirit to Texas, our very own Fireman’s #4 Blonde Ale is infused in our Ale-inspired white chocolate truffle for a toasted maltiness in every bite.

Taste your luck, celebrate, and avoid getting pinched with our St. Patrick’s Day collection.

Cheers to chocolate

From the joy of decorating eggs to racing in search of a basket full of treats, bring out your inner child with Delysia Chocolatier’s Easter chocolates. Reminisce in joyous Easter mornings with our curated Easter baskets, molded chocolate bunnies, and brightly colored chocolate eggs. Gift the perfect treat to your Easter gathering with our curated collection of chocolate truffles to be enjoyed by all ages.

Bring joy to your Easter morning with our deliciously curated basket of artisanal chocolate truffles and sweet confections, completed with classic molded chocolate bunnies, colorful chocolate peeps, and an adorable stuffed animal. Taking you back to the flavors and fond memories of Easter morning, indulge in our Easter-inspired chocolate truffle collection. Capturing the favorites of this springtime holiday, our 9-piece assortment includes fluffy marshmallow, creamy peanut butter, and sweet coconut chocolate truffles to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. For a gourmet twist on classic Easter treats, enjoy a box of Delysia Chocolatier’s molded chocolate bunnies and a carton of colorful, flavorful chocolate eggs.

Look no further than Delysia Chocolatier for an Easter full of decadent chocolate and sweet memories.

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