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From last-minute gifts to sweet somethings, we have chocolates for everyone on your list. Explore our complete line of holiday-themed chocolates.

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The trees are changing colors all around, signaling the moment has arrived to indulge in our award-winning Autumn collection chocolate truffles. Feel the golden leaves rustle in the crisp fall air as you bite into our Apple cider, Pecan pie, and Pumpkin spice chocolate truffles. Each chocolate envelopes a unique blend of flavors that will make you curl up in your coziest sweater with a box of this limited-time chocolate truffle collection.

Indulge in a quintessential part of autumn with our Pumpkin spice drinking chocolate. Combining premium chocolate with fragrant spices such as nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon, this drinking chocolate is a decadent treat inspired by classic pumpkin pie. Make fall memorable with a mug of rich, delightful drinking chocolate that encompasses the sweet flavors of a crisp and cool season. Perfect for gathering together or curling up with a good book, this blend of warm spices and creamy milk chocolate will have you falling in love.

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Sing your way through December with the perfect holiday playlist, complemented by 25 days of chocolate. Each day in December reveals a new song, complete with a snippet of the lyrics that inspired the flavor, making our Advent calendar chocolate truffles a fun and interactive way to countdown to the holiday season. Each selection features our family’s favorite songs to celebrate the season.

Our Advent calendar collection chocolate truffles will take you down ‘memory lane’ with favorite holiday songs, plus introduce you to new ones which are sure to surprise and delight. Make each day of December memorable with a clue found on the card. Use the snippet of the lyrics to guess the song which inspired each day’s flavor. As you remove each decadent truffle from the box, the flavor of the day will be revealed.

Enjoy more opportunities to follow along and hum a tune all December long with a daily newsletter revealing the song that inspired the flavor of the day. Follow the link in the newsletter to an interactive webpage with the inspiration behind the truffle flavor, interesting song facts and trivia, plus more.

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We strive to create chocolates for everyone. We would never want a dietary restriction or allergen to hinder your ability to indulge.

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Whether you prefer rich dark chocolate or creamy milk, we have confections made with all types of chocolate.

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Whether you are an adventurous foodie desiring chocolates with innovative flavor combinations or a purist at heart, we have chocolates for everyone.

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Whether it is a holiday party, a get together with friends, or your special day, we have chocolates for life’s every occasion.

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From press featured confections to our chocolatier’s personal favorites, these assortments offer a unique one-of-a-kind experience. Explore our complete line of products by experience, curated especially for you.

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From last minute gifts to sweet somethings, we have chocolates that will fit any need. Explore our complete line of products by price.

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Delysia Chocolatier creates unique chocolates that satisfy any chocolate lover. Our confections range from the pure to the more innovative combinations. Whether for a personal gift or a corporate client, we have exactly what you need for your next gift or event.

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