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From last-minute gifts to sweet somethings, we have chocolates for everyone on your list. Explore our complete line of holiday-themed chocolates.

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Inspired by her family’s diverse background, Chef Nicole Patel curated our Advent calendar collection chocolate truffles to honor the many ways to celebrate the holiday season.

With warm holiday flavors such as lebkuchen, a German spiced cookie infused with hints of anise and citrus to champurrado, a thick hot chocolate originating from Mexico, this Advent calendar represents the many ways we come together to celebrate the Yuletide season. Creative twists like our Fried chicken chocolate truffle, inspired by a Christmas tradition in Japan, are a fun way to learn about the myriad of special treats during the winter holiday season. Delight in decadent flavors and enrich your holidays with 25 days of the traditional winter season foods from all over the world.

Happy Holidays, Bon Voyage, & Bon Appétit!

Celebrate diversity

Hoping for a glimpse of jolly Saint Nick, children anxiously await by their bedroom doors until their eyes can no longer remain open. As the clock chimes midnight, a pair of black boots appear in the fireplace. A fur trimmed coat rustles against evergreen branches as presents are carefully placed under twinkling lights. Sugar cookies are dunked in a glass of milk while the stockings are filled with trinkets and treats. As children dream of sugar plum fairies, the faint sound of “Ho Ho Ho!” is accompanied by the soft chime of sleigh bells. Santa has visited!

Join Delysia Chocolatier for a virtual ‘Santa’s workshop’ visit to the North Pole as the jolly fella spends time with all good girls and boys at a unique virtual chocolate experience.

Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and take a virtual trip with Delysia Chocolatier to Santa’s workshop in the North Pole. Decorate chocolate ornaments and enjoy a holiday-themed story read by St. Nick himself. Finish your evening with a peppermint stick and Santa listening to your wishlist for Christmas.

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We strive to create chocolates for everyone. We would never want a dietary restriction or allergen to hinder your ability to indulge.

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Whether you prefer rich dark chocolate or creamy milk, we have confections made with all types of chocolate.

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Whether you are an adventurous foodie desiring chocolates with innovative flavor combinations or a purist at heart, we have chocolates for everyone.

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Whether it is a holiday party, a get together with friends, or your special day, we have chocolates for life’s every occasion.

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From press featured confections to our chocolatier’s personal favorites, these assortments offer a unique one-of-a-kind experience. Explore our complete line of products by experience, curated especially for you.

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From last minute gifts to sweet somethings, we have chocolates that will fit any need. Explore our complete line of products by price.

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Delysia Chocolatier creates unique chocolates that satisfy any chocolate lover. Our confections range from the pure to the more innovative combinations. Whether for a personal gift or a corporate client, we have exactly what you need for your next gift or event.

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