Indulge in an international tour of chocolate as we travel the globe to experience the unique flavors of far off places. From the artistic glow of Paris to the fast-paced, trendsetting city of Tokyo, each virtual tasting in this five part series is a distinctly decadent experience, from a fun-filled trivia night to an effervescent champagne and chocolate pairing.

Experience the enchanting City of Light from atop the Eiffel Tower, or meander along the banks of the river Seine. Sip champagne as you discover how chocolate brings out new dimensions in this bubbly beverage in our Night in Paris pairing experience. Immerse yourself in a spacious beer tent in Munich, Germany with traditional folk music playing in the background as you search for the perfect empty seat to enjoy the festivities from our Oktoberfest chocolate tasting. Wander the neon-lit streets of Tokyo with its grandiose skyscrapers and fashionable cultural trends. Imagine yourself in the rolling hills of Tuscany speckled with world-renowned Italian vineyards while you sip chianti and savor decadent dark chocolate in our Taste of Tuscany wine pairing experience. Indulge in a cooling sip of a margarita as you savor the chili infused cuisine of Mexico with its tradition of incorporating peppers into foods both spicy and sweet.

This five part tasting series is inspired by the diverse culinary traditions of Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Explore the world of chocolate this summer with Delysia Chocolatier and discover the unique flavors of each region by reserving a package set with exclusive access to each unique tasting experience.

Transport me

Everything is bigger and better in Texas. At Delysia Chocolatier we make our handcrafted chocolates with bigger and bolder flavors that embody Texan culture. Treat yourself as well as friends and families with our Texas inspired chocolates and confections.

Experience one of Austin’s most iconic events with our Austin City Limits collection chocolate truffles. Packed with our popular Peach cobbler and boozy Jalapeno tequila chocolate truffles, each bite will transport you to the biggest music festival in America. Explore the spicy side of The Lone Star state with our Hill Country collection chocolate truffles. As you nibble on our Mexican mole and Honey chipotle chocolate truffle, experience a burst of heat from a blend of various peppers and spices. Our Texas collection chocolate truffles provides a taste of Texas’ finest flavors. With our Prickly pear, Honey, and Lavender chocolate truffles, this collection will send your taste buds on a big culinary adventure.

Assimilate into the Texas culture with our solid chocolate cowboy hats and boots. Available in dark and milk chocolate, these 3D molds will allow you to take a piece of Texas wherever you go!

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