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Learn our simple, but systematic approach to unlocking the aromas and complex flavors of handcrafted chocolate. With a few tips and tricks, learn to taste chocolate like the experts – by slowing down and savoring your chocolate confections.

Our live virtual chocolate tastings are a fun and interactive experience from the comfort of your own home. Hosted by award-winning chocolatier Nicole Patel and offering a variety of experiences from teaching the art of tasting, pairing chocolate with other artisanal foods, or creating hand-rolled chocolate truffles, these events are the perfect way to connect with family, friends, clients, and co-workers.

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Create the perfect coffee shop atmosphere in the comfort of your own kitchen. Delight together in the complex, rich flavors of coffee and chocolate while learning how both beautifully enhance each other. Join Delysia Chocolatier for a virtual pairing experience that embodies the longstanding tradition of savoring freshly brewed coffee and sweet treats from the local coffee shop.

Discover the world of premium coffee and handcrafted artisanal chocolates with confections inspired by classic cafe delights. A perfect morning pick-me-up, our Smoked butterscotch latte chocolate truffle will awaken your senses with cinnamon and smoked salts laced into a decadent bite of dark chocolate. Indulge with our Coffee cake chocolate truffle for a crumble-free version of your favorite coffee shop pastry. Experience your favorite coffee in a whole new light with our expert pairings of cacao and coffee beans, all designed to emphasize the unique qualities of each type of roast.

Grab your favorite mug and join Delysia Chocolatier to sample gourmet coffees alongside artisanal chocolate truffles in our cafe inspired virtual coffee & chocolate pairing experience.

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Imagine accidentally traveling back in time and interacting with your parents as teenagers. Picture seeing your hometown as it was thirty years ago, with songs long familiar to you playing in the local diner and headlines from yesteryear sprawled across the daily paper. This is just the start to the crazy antics Doc Brown and Marty McFly see in their jam-packed sci-fi adventure as it is sprawled out into three blockbuster hits.

Travel back to the time of the American cowboy, covered in homemade leather, ready for long days on the ranch. Our Wild West chocolate truffle pays homage to the third installment of Back to the Future. Just one bite bursts with the rich flavors of dried meats and sundried tomatoes, an integral way of preserving food back then. Jump ahead to the future where the only thing needed to power the DeLorean was Mr. Fusion converting old banana peels to biofuel. Try our refreshingly fruity Banana fuel chocolate truffle that blends a trio of tropical fruits with mouth-tingling dark rum.

Whether you want to travel back in time or blast to the future, Delysia Chocolatier has your snacks covered for a fun-filled game night at our unique virtual chocolate tasting highlighting iconic fare from each time period featured in the Back to the Future trilogy.

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Rolling hills are bursting with vibrant shades of gold, burnt orange, and scarlet, creating a kaleidoscope of color. A crisp breeze announcing cooler weather beckons for cozy sweaters and a steaming mug of chai. Savor the taste of fall by stepping into the world of premium teas and handcrafted artisanal chocolates. Delight in the complex, rich flavors of tea and chocolate while learning how both beautifully enhance each other when enjoyed together.

The splendor of autumn is best paired with a mug of fragrant spiced tea to warm your spirit from within. Featuring an assortment of festive teas with black and herbal blends, the aromas of fresh fruit, spice, and florals infused with whole leaf tea will leave you feeling refreshingly energized. Each tea is paired with a luxurious chocolate truffle crafted specifically to highlight the flavors that unfurl from each sip, ideal for curling up in a nook to admire the scenes of autumn passing by outside.

Pamper yourself with this luxury tea & chocolate virtual experience to savor the beginning of a festive season. Make a spread of biscotti, sugared almonds, and jam to relish alongside delicate teas and decadent award-winning chocolates in celebration of the height of autumn. Join Delysia Chocolatier and Tea Forte for a special virtual chocolate tasting inspired by the artistry of handcrafted truffles and masterfully brewed teas.

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The perfect way to reconnect with your clients, motivate your team, or have a family reunion, our live virtual chocolate tastings are unique fun, and interactive experiences. Hosted by our Chef-Owner & Chocolatier, Nicole Patel, taking each participant through the proper way to eat chocolate, exploring the world of pairings with chocolate, learning about the extensive history of chocolate, or joining us in the kitchen for a cooking class – depending on which of our virtual experience is selected.

Explore our standard packages or contact us to customize a virtual chocolate experience especially for you. For more information or to reserve Delysia Chocolatier for your next event, please email us at events@delysia.com.

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