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Learn our simple, but systematic approach to unlocking the aromas and complex flavors of handcrafted chocolate. With a few tips and tricks, learn to taste chocolate like the experts – by slowing down and savoring your chocolate confections.

Our live virtual chocolate tastings are a fun and interactive experience from the comfort of your own home. Hosted by award-winning chocolatier Nicole Patel and offering a variety of experiences from teaching the art of tasting, pairing chocolate with other artisanal foods, or creating hand-rolled chocolate truffles, these events are the perfect way to connect with family, friends, clients, and co-workers.

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He has the best jokes, grills the tastiest burgers, and is there to support us in all of life’s challenges. Fathers grow more refined through the years and seek out the finer things in life. Spoil Dad this Father’s Day with Delysia Chocolatier’s whiskey and chocolate virtual pairing experience.

With their smooth layered aromas of earth, wood, and smoke, whiskey and chocolate share many qualities that make them a perfect pair. This exclusive Father’s Day virtual chocolate tasting is inspired by the many whiskeys of the world, from the varied regions of Scotland with its centuries long tradition of distilling grains into the complex scotches to the wide open spaces of North America where Canadian, Bourbon, and Tennessee style whiskeys were born.

Dad will savor the smoky sweetness of our Smoked whiskey apple chocolate truffle, with rich milk chocolate infused with Islay whiskey, the sweet summery notes of apple, and a hint of vanilla. Let the tobacco laced aromas of our Cigar port chocolate truffle bring back memories of Dad relaxing on the porch with whiffs of smoke clouds gliding his way. Our Father’s Day virtual chocolate tasting embodies the quiet moments at the end of a long day, when a good cigar and glass of aged whiskey provide pure relaxation for the gentleman you call “Dad”.

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Stroll through the streets of Paris while eating piping hot pomme frites from a paper cone. Take in the enchanting City of Light from atop the Eiffel Tower, or meander along the banks of the river Seine.

From its rolling hills speckled with world-renowned Italian vineyards, imagine Tuscany’s natural beauty as you experience classic flavors of the region in chocolate.

Join Delysia Chocolatier as we travel across this globe this summer in a 5 part chocolate tasting series inspired by the diverse culinary traditions of Europe, Asia, and South America.

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Stroll through the streets of Paris while eating piping hot pomme frites from a paper cone. Take in the enchanting City of Light from atop the Eiffel Tower, or meander along the banks of the river Seine. Browse through windows of pastry shops lined with buttery, chocolate-filled croissants and zesty, fresh fruit tarts. Celebrate the anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille, or French National Day, with Delysia Chocolatier as we lazily waste the day with decadent pastries and rich Parisian dishes for a unique online virtual chocolate and wine pairing.

From the iconic artworks of the Louvre to the rich culinary history that stretches back centuries, Paris inspires creativity in many forms. From our Plateau de Fromage truffle perfumed with sweet pear and lavish blue cheese to our La Fee Verte chocolate truffle offering the herbal notes of absinthe with layers of tarragon and plum, we have expertly crafted chocolate truffles that reflect the flavors of Paris.

Celebrate Bastille Day with Delysia Chocolatier and be transported to a ‘Night in Paris’ with an immersive evening of chocolate and champagne.

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The perfect way to reconnect with your clients, motivate your team, or have a family reunion, our live virtual chocolate tastings are unique fun, and interactive experiences. Hosted by our Chef-Owner & Chocolatier, Nicole Patel, taking each participant through the proper way to eat chocolate, exploring the world of pairings with chocolate, learning about the extensive history of chocolate, or joining us in the kitchen for a cooking class – depending on which of our virtual experience is selected.

Explore our standard packages or contact us to customize a virtual chocolate experience especially for you. For more information or to reserve Delysia Chocolatier for your next event, please email us at events@delysia.com.

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