It is my pleasure to share with you our passion for making life’s every moment, every occasion more memorable by indulging in chocolate.Delysia Chocolatier offers award-winning artisan confections that take chocolate to new horizons and push culinary boundaries in the most deliciously creative ways. Every product is handmade in our Austin-based Culinary Center using fine quality, sustainable chocolate and the freshest ingredients so you can enjoy chocolate near perfection.

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Let Delysia Chocolatier play Easter bunny this year to perfect your family celebrations with gourmet sweet treats and nostalgic feelings of childhood.

Curate your perfect Easter basket in our four piece chocolate truffle collection with delicious flavors of Salted caramel, Mint chocolate chip, Strawberry cream, Lemon blueberry muffin, each blended into our award-winning chocolate. Savor our molded bunnies of milk, white, dark, and bittersweet chocolate for the perfect sampler to satisfy any chocolate lover. Playing on a classic found in most Easter baskets, our gourmet twist on Peeps blends our rich chocolate into colorful Easter bunnies. Topped with a cute stuffed animal, our curated Easter basket will make this year’s Easter one to remember.

Skip the hassle of boiling eggs and the cleanup of messy paint with Delysia Chocolatier’s chocolate colored solid eggs and chocolate decorating pens. Each of the six molded eggs is a different beloved flavor, from our strawberry crème to the salted caramel flavors, adding a decadent and gourmet twist to your typical holiday candy.

Decorated with hopping bunnies and colorful eggs, our Easter chocolate truffle collection is a great addition to any basket. With flavors of sweet coconut blended in silky white chocolate, creamy peanut butter in rich dark chocolate, and fluffy marshmallow in dark chocolate, our collection captures the bright springtime joy of Easter. Add a plush Easter bunny that will take you back to the excitement of Easter morning.

Celebrate Easter with Delysia Chocolatier’s curated chocolates inspiring childlike bliss.

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These are unprecedented times. And such times require, even demand, unprecedented support and compassion for our local community. Please help us support those locally who are in need.

Now through the end of April, Delysia Chocolatier will donate 10% of all proceeds to the Central Texas Food Bank. In addition, our Owner Nicole Patel will personally match that donation. That’s 20% from each order donated to those locally in need.

Thank you, in advance, for all of your support.

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our Virtual Chocolate Tastings. We have missed visiting with our fans and loyal customers over the past weeks due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the ‘shelter-at-home’ orders.

So, we’ve decided to bring the tasting directly to you! For a limited time, join us virtually online for our Virtual Chocolate Tasting experiences personally hosted by our Chef Owner Nicole Patel.

At Delysia’s Virtual Chocolate Tasting Experience, customers will broaden their culinary palate as they explore aromatic and flavor profiles with our guided and systematic, immersive approach to tasting Delysia’s artisanal handcrafted chocolates. Enjoy 4 unique chocolate truffles while learning about the art of savoring gourmet chocolate, in the comfort of your own home.

Three virtual tastings are scheduled for each weekend (Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays), as well as some special themed tastings for Kid’s Easter Treats and Earth Day 2020.

Looking to host a private tasting, girls night in, or chocolate happy hour? We are happy to discuss with you directly your vision to host the perfect virtual chocolate tasting event. We look forward to hosting you.

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Chocolate’s history is rooted in romance, often known as “the elixir of love.” From the rich bold flavors of our Spiced wine berry chocolate truffle to the unique tart and earthiness of our Truffled honey ginger ruby chocolate truffle, treat you and your loved one to a moment of pure bliss. Join Delysia Chocolatier for a virtual Date Night chocolate tasting for two inspired by the romantic and passionate flavors that elevate gourmet chocolate.

Join us online for a Virtual Chocolate Tasting Experience, hosted by Chef Owner Nicole Patel. For a romantic ‘night in’ experience, our Date Night bundle provides chocolate truffles for 2 people. With new themes and flavors each weekend, broaden your culinary palate as you experience award-winning chocolate confections though the art of tasting gourmet chocolate.

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