It is my pleasure to share with you our passion for making life’s every moment, every occasion more memorable by indulging in chocolate.Delysia Chocolatier offers award-winning artisan confections that take chocolate to new horizons and push culinary boundaries in the most deliciously creative ways. Every product is handmade in our Austin-based Culinary Center using fine quality, sustainable chocolate and the freshest ingredients so you can enjoy chocolate near perfection.

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In the beginning, there was only dark chocolate. Then came milk and white chocolate. Now, chocolate’s culinary culture has been revolutionized with its latest innovation – ruby chocolate!

Delysia Chocolatier is thrilled to the first chocolatier in the United States to introduce natural ruby chocolate truffles made with the ruby cacao bean from South America. This is the first time a new style of authentic chocolate has been introduced since white chocolate debuted in the 1930s. The exotic ruby cacao beans provide an unforgettable sensory experience with flavors that are both sweet and sour; an enviable indulgence for everyone

With the release of this revolutionary type of chocolate, Delysia Chocolatier curated an exclusive chocolate truffle collection that presents the ruby cacao’s redefining flavor profiles. Deriving its striking hue naturally from ruby cacao beans, with no added colors or flavorings, our pink-colored Ruby chocolate truffle collection showcases an array of traditional, savory, and spicy flavor profiles. Explore the sweetened, floral blend of the Sparkling ruby chocolate truffle and the spiced, citrus finish of our Spiced Rathnayaka chocolate truffle. Seize the opportunity to experience the versatility and beauty of the ruby cacao with Delysia Chocolatier’s Ruby chocolate truffle collection today.

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Delysia Chocolatier is humbled to receive the highest honor that can be bestowed on a chocolatier by the International Chocolate Salon Awards and Taste TV. As part of their 2019 Best Chocolatiers and Confectioners in America competition, Delysia Chocolatier was named as a Top 3 Chocolatier in the Americas with a Six Star Award: Grand Master title. Since 2014, Delysia Chocolatier has been recognized continuously as a top chocolatier in the Americas, as well as awarded a Grand Master title.

Competing with hundreds of the finest gourmet chocolate artisans and large-scale producers in Canada, Mexico, the U.S., as well as all countries in South America, Delysia Chocolatier was one of only four chocolatiers in the western hemisphere to be recognized as a Top Chocolatier and awarded the highest ranking six-star title of Grand Master. To qualify for the title, Delysia Chocolatier received the most votes from the panel of judges, which included national and regional magazines, newspaper and blog editors, topic specialists, expert chefs, and food gurus.

Our mission is to take gourmet chocolate to new horizons of excellence, pushing culinary boundaries in the most deliciously innovative ways possible. It is a labor of love to make everything by hand in our Culinary Center using sustainable chocolate and the freshest, highest quality ingredients. It is an honor to be continuously recognized for our decadent chocolate confections and adventurous flavors.

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In honor of our 11 year anniversary, Delysia Chocolatier is debuting its new tasting program, SAVOR: Chocolate Tasting Experience. With this unique experience, our mission is for our guests to engage all five senses as they immerse into Delysia Chocolatier’s ultimate experience of chocolate tasting, Unlike any other, Delysia Chocolatier has developed an innovative, guided tasting experience that showcases the intricate process and flavor development of Delysia Chocolatier’s world-renowned chocolate confections. Stepping into Delysia Chocolatier’s Culinary Center, customers will begin each experience with a brief overview of chocolate’s journey from the cacao pod through its production process into a culinary delight. Along the way to the Tasting Room, patrons will discover the various stages of flavor development of artisanal chocolate handcrafted at Delysia Chocolatier.

SAVOR is Delysia Chocolatier’s acronym for the five essential steps to an elevated chocolate tasting experience. Our unique, hands-on chocolate tastings provide patrons the opportunity to dive deep into the rich culture of artisanal chocolate and broaden their culinary palate as they explore the delicate nuances that influence the quality of gourmet chocolate. Throughout every tasting, patrons will explore the Scents of various aromatics that influence high-end chocolate; the Acoustics of individual chocolate confections; the Virtues of each, unique chocolate delight; and the Observations of the array of flavor profiles that elevate handcrafted chocolate. Ending each tasting with a period of Reflection, allows chocolate connoisseurs and casual tasters, alike, to deepen their love for artisanal chocolate.

Delysia Chocolatier is redefining the art of gourmet chocolate tasting by introducing a new and unique concept for chocolate in the US.

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Join us every Saturday & Sunday for our chocolate tastings at our Culinary Center & Chocolate Boutique. Experience Austin-made award-winning chocolates while sitting in the space where each of our chocolates are handcrafted daily. Themes and chocolate flavors change each weekend, so there is always something new and exciting to enjoy.

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