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Here at Delysia, we strive to create chocolate for everyone. We create indulgences for any dietary need and restriction. We spoke with Austin Fit Magazine to discuss what it means to have quality chocolate and how that can be a part of any fit lifestyle.

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Chef Nicole Patel recently invited the Studio 512 news team into the Delysia Chocolatier Culinary Center for a hands-on lesson at creating delicious confections which can be customized with edible logos and designs. The news team from Studio 512 described our chocolates as art for your mouth.

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Chef Nicole Patel enjoys the challenge of creating new and distinct chocolates for contests throughout the year. Delysia Chocolatier is honored to have been named a Grand Master Chocolatier and Top 10 Chocolatier in North and South America by the International Chocolate Salon and Taste TV.

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