What is your chocolate personality?

What Is Your Chocolate Personality? Purist Chocolates

Delysia handcrafted chocolates are known for their unique flavors made with local ingredients not found anywhere else. So, with so many unique flavors available, how do you decide which flavors to taste? Take our chocolate personality test to find out which flavors are best for you.

What Is Your Chocolate Personality?

1. The Romantic

You are an optimist and you see the fairy tale in everything. You are in love with love, and you are the imaginative dreamer. And, you will fall in love with our lavender drinking chocolate. It has all the romance of a freshly cut bouquet, and is the best thing to sip while reading your favorite book of poetry or looking your lover in the eyes.

2. The Fitness Enthusiast

Our green tea chocolate truffle was made for you. Made with fresh matcha powder, it’s overflowing with antioxidants and is a part of our Wellness collection. Also, Our Wellness collection chocolate truffles features a blend of vegan, dairy-free cream and fine, minimally-processed chocolate.

3. The Traditionalist

You are not fond of change, and prefer for things to stay the same. You have a practical outlook on life and like rituals and routine. Our dark chocolate truffle is for you, and the Purist collection will be right up your alley. It has nothing more than the natural decadent taste of cocoa, and you will soon make it your routine to have one every night after dinner.

4. The Lover Of Luxury

What's Your Chocolate Personality?
You love pleasure and elegant living. You are always looking for the next indulgence and aren’t ashamed to spoil yourself. Then, you will be begging for our Scotch chocolate truffle. Made with a rich 64% bittersweet chocolate base and a 12-year old scotch, this truffle is elevated to a whole new level of excellence. It’s part of our seasonal Gentleman’s collection, so you will want to order it before the Winter holidays end.

5. The Novelty Seeker

What's your chocolate personality Indian chocolate collection
You like to try new things and dislike routine. Also, you get bored easily and are always looking for the next thrill. Our Garam Masala chocolate truffle is the Delysia chocolate you seek. A blend of 9 traditional spices lends a touch of heat to the sweetness of the dark chocolate in this unusual truffle. It’s part of our Indian collection which will transport you to this exotic country with every bite.