How to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart

Here are some ideas for the best Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is used to express love and compassion towards your significant other. However, sometimes it’s difficult to make a reservation or go see a movie because so many other couples are out! Here is a list of alternate and unique ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your hunny. Unwind with your hunny while sipping our lavendar drinking chocolate

Preparation for Valentine’s Day :

  • Get a couples massage
  • Go buy a special Valentine’s Day outfit (try buying each other’s outfits)
  • Have a professional style your hair
  • Relax with a couples manicure or pedicure while sipping on Delysia’s Lavender Chocolate Drink

Valentine’s Day activities: host a Valentine's Day picnic with your sweetie

  • Scavenger hunt
  • Plan a weekend away
  • Attend a concert
  • Eat at the restaurant of your first date
  • Plan a “stay-cation” at your home with a full dinner and dessert menu.
  • Have a picnic from your favorite take-out place
  • Try taking a new class
  • Go rock climbing
  • Go dancing
  • Try Glamping
  • Get together with a few other couples and host a progressive dinner

Gift ideas for your Valentine:

  • A book of reasons why you love your partner
  • Have child care, dinner, outfits, etc. set up for your significant other for a weekend away or a “stay-cation”
  • A dozen roses with a fun activity on each one
  • Wrap small gifts like pajamas, CDs, or gift cards in helium balloons
  • Fill a jar with sweet notes
  • Become a mixologist and create a special cocktail that represents your sweetheart
  • Lay out Delysia Chocolatier Gentleman Truffles that lead a path to a relaxing bath
  • Do their chores for a day

Valentine’s Day is special for couples and should be celebrated in the way the best represents your relationship. Tag us on Instagram with your Valentine’s Day pictures!