New year, new you this 2017

2017 is your year for new!

Are you feeling stuck and need to get out more this new year? Here are some fresh ideas for 2017! Try our champange truffles

Take a new class.  Maybe you have always wanted to try yoga or a spin class for the health benefits. Most of all,  you don’t have to do it alone! Grab your special person and try a cooking class, a sewing class, or anything that seems fun to you both! Delysia Chocolatier offers a Chocolate 101 class where participants learn the basics of chocolate and they get to try out samples of our award winning chocolate.

Plan a trip. Nothing screams adventure and fun like planning a trip to a different part of the country or even the world! Use websites like Pinterest and Travel Advisor to plan a trip to somewhere different on a budget. Try to choose a destination that is more out of your comfort zone and will allow you to try different cultures. Have you always wanted to surf? Go to Hawaii or California! Are you a foodie? Travel to Asia or Europe! Use 2017 as your year to travel.

Shop until you drop. The best way to freshen yourself up is to dress the part! Go through your closet and donate some of your old clothes. Then go buy a brand new closet! Do not be afraid to put on the outfits that you have never worn before! If you’re not into the shopping experience, you can always use Stitch Fix services. This company is awesome for sending you fashionable pieces that fit a specific style at reasonable prices. Take our chocolate 101 class offered in 2017

Incorporate Positivity. Finally, adding a dose of positiviy into a daily routine is a budget friendly way of approaching the new year. Little things like writing in a journal, meeting a new friend, running in the park, or reading a book you’ve always wanted to read can go a long ways this new year. Making minor, but positive, change to your new year will help reshape your mind and relax more!

Regardless of how you try new experiences, just get out and do! Make this year your year! Most of all, do not let anyone hold you back from trying new experiences. As always, tag us on our social media pages to show us how your 2017 is going.