World traveler gift box


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Chocolates from around the world

Taste chocolates and flavors from around the world, perfect for those that love to travel. Our world-wide pieces come together in this basket to share with loved ones or indulge.

The three truffles in our Italian collection chocolate truffles represent our Chocolatier’s favorite flavors from Italy like Tiramisu, Biscotti and Amaretto. From the sari-inspired designs to the rich coconut milk ganache, our Indian collection chocolate truffles offer a new taste of India with flavors like Curry, Ginger and Garam masala. Enjoy the flavor that is shared worldwide with fine detail and superb taste from our World map and International destinations molded chocolate bar.

This gift box contains:

  • Italian collection chocolate truffles
  • Indian collection chocolate truffles
  • World map molded chocolate bar
  • International destinations molded chocolate bar


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