Milk chocolate gift box


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Perfectly smooth and sweet

Give the perfect gift to those who can’t get enough of this sweet decadence. Our Milk chocolate lovers gift box brings sophistication to a childhood favorite. Our most popular milk chocolate items come together to create smooth, sweet chocolate combinations.

Our Milk chocolate collection combines three seemingly ordinary flavors into an extraordinary box with creamy Milk chocolate truffles, rich Caramel truffles, and salty, savory Peanut butter truffles that will delight the senses.Our Milk chocolate drinking chocolate is a perfect blend of decadent chocolate to create an unforgettable, silky sweetness. Our creamy Peanut butter chocolate bark is a perfect blend of silky milk chocolate with thick, extra crunchy peanut butter. Like a traditional s’more, the S’mores chocolate bark has every bite filled with creamy milk chocolate, gooey handmade marshmallows and crumbly graham cracker.

Our Milk chocolate lovers basket is the perfect basket for anyone who enjoys the sweet indulgence of milk chocolate and the finest quality one can find. Give the basket as a gift to be shared or for someone truly special.

This gift box contains:

  • Milk collection chocolate truffles
  • Milk chocolate drinking chocolate
  • Peanut butter chocolate bark, 3oz
  • S'mores chocolate bark, 3oz


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