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Countdown to your favorite holiday

Celebrate Christmas cheer with Delysia Chocolatier as we countdown to Christmas morning. Inspired by popular Christmas movie classics, a quote to a different Christmas flix will hint to the inspired truffle flavor. This special Holiday collection offers a fun and interactive way to countdown to the big day.

Chef Nicole Patel always looks forward to the holiday season as she is inspired to countdown for the big day. All the warm flavors of the winter season are bundled into one collection to make this holiday month one to remember.

Bittersweet gourmet chocolate truffles inspired by beloved Christmas movie classics. Warm holiday flavors include peppermint cocoa and hot buttered rum to create a special treat this season. This Advent calendar will take you down memory lane with all of your favorite classic holiday movies. As you enjoy 25 different Christmas flavors leading up to Christmas morning, each truffle will come with a quote from a different Christmas classic. Reveal each flavor, inspired by the specific movie, as you journey through the collection.


Ingredients: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, heavy cream, pecans, sugar, spices, pinenuts, citrus zest, root beer, wine, almonds, marshmallows, molasses, apple juice, earl grey, lemons, maple syrup, rum, peppermint, pumpkin, popcorn, wheat, dried fruit

Warning: May contain nuts or nut based products

Dietary information:


Product information:
Pieces per box: 16 chocolate truffles
Weight: 4.4 oz | 126 g

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