Pop the Bubbly: Cheese, Chocolate, & Champagne virtual pairing experience Dec 30



December 30th at 7pm CST

Indulge in a luxurious pairing of chocolate, cheese, and champagne to welcome in the New Year. In celebration of the hope and promise of 2022, Delysia Chocolatier is pairing our artisanal chocolate truffles with a selection of fine European artisanal cheeses enjoyed alongside a bottle of effervescent champagne. Savor in an elegant event designed to inspire your New Year’s eve festivities. Our handcrafted chocolate confections were inspired by the centuries long practice of creating beautiful sparkling wine in the Champagne region of France, as well as the culinary traditions of the City of Light. Pop a bottle of champagne and savor three artisanal creations together in Delysia Chocolatier’s first cheese, chocolate, and champagne pairing experience in celebration of the New Year.

Savor each mouthwatering chocolate truffle as it is expertly paired with a specialty cheese selection, hand-picked by a gourmet cheesemonger. Join our award winning chocolatier, Nicole Patel as you welcome the New Year with the robust flavors of cheese, luxurious chocolate, and effervescent champagne in this exclusive tasting experience. Transport yourself to the glamorous City of Light for an unforgettable start to the new year with an exclusive virtual pairing experience. With the first sip of champagne, admire the sparkling lights of Champs-Elysées, the most beautiful avenue in the world. Find a secluded table at a sidewalk cafe for the perfect seat to view the effervescent atmosphere from, while indulging in gourmet cheeses representing the fine cuisine of Paris. Savor the evening with decadent chocolate truffles, a confectionary tradition that finds its roots in Parisian chocolate shops. Join in the chorus of Bonne Année and exchange bises at the stroke of midnight as the Arc de Triomphe lights up in a spectacular pyrotechnic display. The new year has arrived!

Broaden your culinary palate as you savor uniquely handcrafted chocolates alongside gourmet cheese at Delysia’s DELIGHT: Immersive Chocolate Experience. Indulge in 4 chocolate truffles from a set menu personally curated by our Owner and Chocolatier, Chef Nicole Patel and 4 gourmet cheeses, with the option to add a bottle of champagne.

Set out your charcuterie board and ring in the New Year with Delysia Chocolatier as you sample 4 indulgent chocolate truffles paired with 4 gourmet cheeses in a unique virtual Cheese, Chocolate, and Champagne pairing experience.

This experience includes:

  • 4 piece chocolate truffle tasting set (2 tasting sets if the ‘Tasting for 2’ option is selected)
  • 4 select cheeses (½ lb portions of each) shipped directly from iGourmet
  • 1 bottle of Champagne (optional, must select a package with wine)
  • Exclusive seat at this limited capacity virtual experience



Unique virtual pairing experiences:
At Delysia’s Virtual Chocolate Pairing Experience, participants will broaden their culinary palate as they explore the dimensional flavors that chocolate, cheese, and wine bring out in each other with our systematic, immersive approach to tasting. Our pairing experiences are live virtual events hosted on Zoom and personally facilitated by our award-winning chocolatier and owner, Nicole Patel.

Indulge in our newest chocolate confections crafted to pair perfectly with the flavors of cheese and wine. Showcasing our range of creativity, be the first to discover these flavors only available in our expertly guided virtual events. Learn how to pair cheese and sparkling wine with a selection of chocolate truffles, steps to properly taste chocolate, and techniques for savoring cheese and chocolate together in this exclusive tasting experience. All chocolate truffles are expertly handcrafted in our Culinary Center and conveniently shipped to your door. Join us from the comfort of your home to discover the art of savoring cheese, wine, and chocolate together.

Turn your experience into a date night by selecting our ‘Tasting for 2’ package option, with two sets of 4-piece truffles included and an assortment of four ½ lb cheese samples from iGourmet, with an option to add on a bottle of wine.

Our virtual chocolate pairing experiences typically last 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minute Q&A session. Our chocolatier loves answering questions from participants and tailoring each experience to your interests, so ask your questions at any point during a tasting.

Reserve your exclusive seat:
Tickets must be purchased by the evening of December 10 to allow us ample time to ship the chocolates and cheeses to your doorstep via FedEx expedited shipping.

Upon purchasing a ticket, an emailed receipt and ticket containing the video conferencing link will be sent to your inbox. When making a purchase for the first time, we recommend establishing an account in order to easily view upcoming event reservations. At least 24 hours before the virtual tasting, a Google Calendar invitation containing the video conferencing link will be sent to your inbox.

Four tasting package options are available for this pairing event. Select between a single set for one or a package designed for two to indulge, with an option to add a bottle of wine to either tasting package.

Multiple tasting package options are available for this pairing event, select between a chocolate and cheese only set, a bundle that includes wine, or reserve package designed for two to indulge. To receive wine with this tasting, a package that includes wine must be selected at the time of purchase. If a tasting package with wine is selected, three shipments will be received; chocolates shipped directly from Delysia Chocolatier, cheese shipped directly from iGourmet, and a bottle of wine shipped separately from wine.com.

For orders that requested shipment, chocolate and cheese will be sent as two separate packages. The chocolates will ship directly from Delysia Chocolatier to your door via FedEx expedited shipping. The cheese will ship directly from iGourmet. If a package including champagne is selected, the wine will ship directly from wine.com. If curbside is selected, both the wine and chocolates will be available for pickup directly from Delysia Chocolatier’s Culinary Center during our regular curbside hours, while the cheese will be shipped from iGourmet.

Please note that Delysia Chocolatier can not be responsible for the delivery of wine through our approved vendors, as the delivery is managed entirely by wine.com and their chosen shipping service. In warmer months, the shipping of wine might be delayed to protect the product from extreme temperatures. Wine deliveries require the signature of someone 21 or older to be received.

Wine, unfortunately, can not be shipped to the following states due to current legal restrictions: AL, DE, KY, ME, MS, MT, SD, UT. Should you live in a state that does not allow for wine shipments and a package including wine is selected, your tasting set will be automatically updated to a chocolate only tasting package and the difference will be refunded. A wine list will be shared with you to make purchasing wine locally convenient.

New experiences are released on our online shop at least 4 weeks before the tasting date and seats can be reserved as soon as the tickets become available for purchase. Every order is handcrafted and made fresh, so your chocolates are shipped within two weeks of the tasting date. You will receive an email with a FedEx tracking number once your truffles have been shipped so you can easily follow the package until it arrives at your home.

Tickets to multiple virtual tastings can be purchased at the same time, as long as those tastings are no more than 2 weeks apart. If the virtual tastings are more than two weeks apart, please place separate orders as your order will need to ship separately, since chocolates are made fresh for each tasting.

Gift a virtual experience:
Say thank you or share the love of chocolate and cheese by gifting one of our exclusive virtual chocolate pairing experiences. When placing your order, please type the participant’s email address when prompted at the check-out screen to ensure they receive an invitation to the live, virtually hosted tasting event. Please confirm that the correct shipping address entered is for the recipient. Add a personalized message along with your order to make your gift extra memorable. The chocolates are shipped to the participant’s door up to a week before the virtual experience and the Zoom invitation is emailed 24 hours in advance.

Included in pairing experience:
With the purchase of each virtual pairing ticket, experience the world of fine quality chocolate, cheese, and wine through the eyes of the artisan. Each pairing event is thoughtfully designed around a theme and showcases creative new flavors and ingredients. Hosted by our award winning owner and chocolatier, Nicole Patel, each tasting includes a handcrafted 4-piece box of truffles, a sampler set of 4 gourmet cheeses, an option to add on a bottle of Champagne, and exclusive access to this live event.

Chocolates will be shipped via FedEx expedited shipping to the shipping address provided at the time of purchase. Cheeses will be shipped to the participant by iGourmet, while wine will ship separately from wine.com. The video conferencing link will be emailed via a Google calendar invitation at least 24 hours before the tasting date.

Please note that not all tasting packages include wine. At the time of purchase, a package including wine must be selected to receive a shipment from wine.com. If you live in a state where shipping wine is restricted, please select an option without wine.

Tasting package options include:

  • Tasting for 1 (no wine): Includes one 4pc chocolate truffle set and four ½lb portions of gourmet cheese
  • Tasting for 1 (with wine): Includes one 4pc chocolate truffle set and four ½lb portions of gourmet cheese, plus a bottle of champagne
  • Tasting for 2 (no wine): Includes two 4pc chocolate truffle set and four ½lb portions of gourmet cheese
  • Tasting for 2 (with wine): Includes two 4pc chocolate truffle set and four ½lb portions of gourmet cheese, plus a bottle of champagne

Prepare for the virtual tasting experience:

Once the chocolates arrive, please remove them from the shipping box and foil bag immediately, as they may have been shipped on ice. Store in your refrigerator or a cool dry place until the tasting, bringing them to room temperature at least 30 minutes before the virtual experience. Have a glass of water or bowl of coffee beans alongside you to cleanse your palate between truffles and bites of cheese..

Store the cheeses in the refrigerator until the tasting, removing them 90 minutes before to bring them to room temperature. The fat molecules in cheeses relax when they are warm, thereby amplifying the complex flavors.

If your package includes wine, here are some steps for preparing your wine for the tasting. Champagne, sparkling wines, and rose wines should be chilled in the fridge prior to the tasting.

Join the virtual tasting experience:
At least 24 hours before the virtual experience, the Zoom video conference link will be emailed via a Google calendar invitation to each participant. This link is also included in the event ticket emailed to you immediately upon placing your order.

To ensure delivery, we recommend registering the participant’s email to receive our newsletter using the link in the footer of our website, as well as adding the email address nicole@delysia.com to your email contact list.

Event Details

Join us virtual for this chocolate tasting experience on Zoom.

Date: December 30, 2021

Start time: 07:00 p.m. CST

End time: 08:30 p.m. CST

Venue: Virtual event on Zoom

Phone: 512.413.4701

Email: sales@delysia.com