Delight your children this Easter with our newest creation, the ‘Golden’ egg. Ornately designed and golden in color, this unique piece of chocolatey treasure will add a bit of magic to your Easter egg hunt. Weighing over 2.5 pounds and standing 6.5 inches tall, the beautiful solid exterior is reminiscent of warm buttery toffee arranged in a delicate pattern. Filling the inside of the egg, discover a salted caramel ganache studded with pieces of crunchy English toffee, all masterfully blended to further elevate the flavors of the gold chocolate exterior. From the warm amber glow of the expertly molded golden chocolate to the luscious ganache awaiting inside, our ‘Golden’ egg is crafted to infuse your Easter morning with an extra bit of delight.

Handcrafted completely from the Gold chocolate, the newest coverture creation on the market, Delysia Chocolatier is the first in the United States (and possibly the world!) to handcraft chocolate creations using this new chocolate medium. Pale amber in color, gold chocolate’s natural hue is created from caramelized sugars and caramelized milk fat, providing a unique caramel chocolate taste. Its intense, yet balanced flavor provides hints of caramelized chocolate, toffee, butter, cream, and a dash of salt.

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Experience golden chocolate