The Texas Conference for Women

The annual conference that motivates and inspires women from all over the state of Texas!

November 15th, 2016 is The Texas Conference for Women at the Austin convention center. This conference provides an amazing opportunity for growth, networking, inspiring, and building Texas women. Speakers will include human rights lawyer, Amal Clooney, Emmy-Award winning anchor, Teri Gruca, fashion expert, Kemal Harris, and plenty more! This year will be their 17th anniversary of the conference and they have big plans for attendees. Women who attend:The Texas Conference for Women will be held on November 15th, 2016

  • Lead people and organizations to success
  • Make a successful career switch
  • Start or manage a small business
  • Deal with change
  • Market yourself
  • Communicate effectively
  • Take control of your finances
  • Manage your personal health and stress
  • Balance work/life demands

Along with supporting women in Texas, this conference created a Young Women’s Program that allows our younger generation of women (high school juniors and seniors) to attend! Our younger women are given an opportunity to hear engaging speakers, exchange ideas, and start their own paths. Last year over 320 young women were able to participate due to the generous donors! They’re expected to grow even more at this year’s conference!

Our very own, Nicole Patel, will be a speaker this year. As you may know, Nicole designed and opened Delysia Chocolatier back in 2008 based on her love for chocolate making. She was named Top 10 Chocolatier in North and South America and continues to expand her company even further in the future. Nicole provides Delysia readers insight on how she got involved and what it is like to be a speaker at this amazing conference.

“In late 2000, as a recent college graduate and new hire, I was selected by the local Motorola executive team to attend the Texas Conference for Women. It was so humbling and motivating to be in the presence of such inspirational women. As a young engineer, it was amazing to listen to both Maya Angelo and Melinda Gates discuss their challenges and successes. I never forgot the motivation I receive from such a wonderful event. It wasn’t until last year that I reconnected with the Texas Conference for Women as an exhibitor. During last year’s conference, I had the opportunity to pitch my chocolates to Tory Johnson from Good Morning America – on a stage in front of 50+ amazing women and as I spoke, the crowd kept growing.

I truly believe that all women are amazing and with the right encouragement and support, can accomplish anything. I am honored to speak at this year’s conference about my experiences and advice on running a successful small business. I will be detailing my unconventional beginnings as a corporate engineer and the journey I’ve taken to get to where I am today with my business, Delysia Chocolatier. From very humble beginnings, over eight years, I grew my business into a Top 10 artisan chocolate company in North & South America. Starting a small business can seem overwhelming and unattainable but with the help of mentors and a plan, I am proof that anything is possible.

I look forward to this opportunity to share with more women my passion and inspire them to reach their goals. I’m so very thankful for this chance to give back to such an amazing conference that was so inspirational at the beginning of my career.”

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