Support local farmers and your community

You can improve your community, family, and body by following these easy tips!

Farmers’ markets, apple picking, local brands, and more. These events can help improve and support your local agriculture. This simply means communities and economies can thrive, open spaces and wildlife are being preserved, and local farmers can sell their products. Delysia Chocolatier is passionate about supporting its community and locals and uses local ingredients whenever possible. Are you interested in supporting locals but not sure where to start? Here are some great ways to get more involved with your area’s agriculture.

Colorful and healthy fruits and veggies should be bought from your local farmer's market.
Photo courtesy of Alison and Luke Howard; Homestead Farm CSA
  1. Shop from local farmers

Farmers’ markets are the easiest ways to actively involve local agriculture. The markets are an interactive transaction between you, your food, and the farmer. A relationship will begin to develop with the farmers and they can help you make wise and healthy food decisions for your family. Their foods are always picked fresh, so you know that you’re getting amazing produce that is in season and GMO free. Here is a quick guide to finding a farmers’ market near you!

  1. Support locally aware companies
    Delysia Chocolatier's Pecan Cayenne bark is made from local pecans.

When you’re needing something extra in your pantry, look into companies who source most of their ingredients from local farmers’ markets or harvesters. Delysia Chocolatier is the perfect example of a company who supports their local agriculture. Delysia’s Pecan cayenne chocolate bark contains pecans and cayenne spice from a local harvester. The natural and flavorful bark awakens your taste buds without overpowering them. You also know, without a doubt, your sweet treats are sustainable, healthy, and fresh. Another good way to get other companies involved is to buy honey that was created near you. Fresh honey has several health benefits and should always be bought fresh.

  1. Pick seasonal items

Another way to help support your local agriculture is to go on a picking day with your family or friends. This is a wonderful opportunity that allows you to visit the vineyards or farms and pick the seasonal items for yourself. Since we are in the fall season, look for apple trees and pumpkin patches to bake pies with. Your pies will be a delicious and well earned treat that you can feel confident in passing out to guest. The fresh taste of the freshly picked fruits will be a pleasant taste over the genetically modified fruit bought at stores.

  1.  Local brands

For many of us, we cannot cut grocery stores from our lives completely. However, you can make it more beneficial for you, your family, and the agriculture. Try purchasing local brands by using the Eat Well Guide. This guide will help you find local products that will have a longer shelf life when you are not able to get to your local market.

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