Shine light during the holiday season

Use our volunteer guide to spread joy and cheer this holiday season!


Give back this holiday season. Use our donation guide for great ideas!
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The holidays can be a hectic time for everyone as they prepare for time with the family. Everyone becomes wrapped up in their own lives that it can be hard to feel the joy! It is also the time to take a step back from those hectic schedules and give back to your community or others in need. With the understanding that everyone might be too busy to research some great ideas, Delysia Chocolatier created a volunteer guide to help you choose the best way to give back.

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  • Collect canned goods that can be donated to your local food shelter
  • Gather up old coats and donate them to a Goodwill or homeless shelter.
  • Buys books for shelters or kids in need
  • Sign up for a holiday 5K where the donations are made to a charity
  • Donate blood and save a life
  • Send holiday cards to soldiers overseas
  • Over tip a server at your favorite restaurant
  • Invest in a present for Operation Christmas Child
  • Volunteer at a nursing home
  • Bake goodies using peppermint or gingerbread chocolate bark
  • Pack up any clean baby items and give to a local pregnancy center
  • Volunteer play time at a pet shelter
  • Pick up trash that has been swept up on the beach or left at a park
  • Decorate letters or cards for neighbors, teachers, and co-workers

Make it eventful by getting everyone in your family involved. The kiddos will have a great story to go back to school with and there will be those everlasting memory that you and your family can share together. End 2016 by shining light throughout your community.

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