President’s Day Crafts for Children


Did you know that the White House has its very own chocolate shop? Yes! In fact, it’s located on the ground floor and is where the White House pastry chef creates chocolate delights for events and the First Family. Even presidents enjoy having the delicious taste of chocolate within reasonable reach. I’ve found a couple of great crafts for children to build and celebrate President’s Day! I suggest you enjoy Delysia’s Childhood Truffle Collection as you create these fun crafts with your children so everyone can take pleasure in the flavors of peanut butter and jelly, s’mores, and ice cream together.

Pom-Pom Flag

President's Day pom-pom flag crafts by Delysia Chocolatier!
President’s Day pom-pom flag craft! Credit:

For the younger children, this simple pom pom flag will be fun and interactive, while not being too messy or complicated.

You’ll simply need:

  • Pom-poms in red, white, and blue
  • Glue
  • A white sheet of paper


Help your child line up the pom-poms in the form of the American flag using blue for the stars and the white and red for the stripes. Then, take one piece of pom-pom and lightly adhere a drop of glue on it. Place it back in its original spot. Continue to do this until all pieces are glued on the white paper. Let is dry completely before picking up the paper to show off and display!



President Mask

Cool crafts: Have fun creating these President's Day masks by Delysia Chocolatier!
Have fun creating these President’s Day masks! Credit:

Your kids will have a blast making these President masks, and you parents will be able to capture those cute faces in Instagram-worthy pictures!

You’ll need:

  • Paper plates
  • Crinkle strips in black
  • Construction paper in blue and black
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Jumbo craft stick

Directions: Using the templates, you can create either a George Washington or Abraham Lincoln mask.

  • For each, you’ll need to print the template first. From there, get a paper plate and scissors. Poke a hole and cute a large circle in the center of the plate.
  • Using the template, cut out the hat for either George or Abraham and glue it to the top of the plate.
  • Next, glue either cotton balls (George) or crinkle strips (Abraham) and glue them to the plate to represent a wig or beard.
  • Once dried, glue the jumbo craft stick to the bottom of the plate so the kids can use it as a handle!

I hope you enjoy these crafts that celebrate a few of our country’s presidents!

Nicole Patel

Nicole Patel is the proprietor of and chocolatier for Delysia Chocolatier. In 2006 while pregnant with her first son, Nicole made a batch of chocolate truffles as holiday gifts. To the delight of friends and family, she continued to create chocolates as a way to relieve stress from her corporate engineering job. In 2008, a chance trip to Becker Vineyards led to Nicole being the first in Texas to make truffles using local wines. Within five years, what started as a hobby turned Delysia into one of the Top Ten Chocolatiers in the Americas, as selected by the International Chocolate Salon.