Create simplicity during National Simplify Your Life Week

National Simplify Your Life Week is the perfect time to form new habits and create an overall easier lifestyle!

August 3rd -9th is National Simplify Your Life Week. Sure you probably did some spring cleaning, but sometimes that is not enough! This week gives people and families a chance to simplify their homes after a busy summer schedule. This can also be the time to simplify your lifestyle or personal habits. Below are a few tips to implement National Simplify Your Life Week into your home and your personal life.

Simplify your life


Go through each room in your house and donate items that have not been used in the last 4-6 months to a local Goodwill or other donation center. Didn’t wear that maxi dress all season? Donate it! Kids didn’t use those binders for school? Donate it! This small process can help you simplify your physical space and begin a new habit. Getting rid of clutter in your personal area allows your mind to relax, refresh, and reboot. You can make it a family affair by having your spouse or children simplify their spaces by helping with the donation process in different parts of your home. Donating can become a healthy lifestyle habit. 

Simplify your routines

How many times have you found yourself in a morning hurry because lunch was not prepped the night before? Starting your day in this chaotic mindset can really challenge your mind and body, making it hard to relax. Try prepping the night before to help simplify your daily routines. If prepping lunch doesn’t fit your lifestyle, try picking out your outfit the night before or making sure all your bags are packed. These little steps can help achieve your big goal of a simpler morning and overall stressless day.

Live in the now

The final piece of this week is to simplify your life by existing in the present, or being mindful. This mantra is extremely important to National Simplify Your Life Week. Living in the now is crucial to your health because it allows you to step away from the screens and gadgets and relax. For a few minutes a day you should simply focus on being mindful of the world around you. This will allow exciting spontaneity in your life, like, trying a new food, or spending extra time with a friend. There is a simpler world happening if you choose to log off and not stress about future activities. By being mindful you are allowing your brain to be calm and productive, which can help you achieve bigger goals. If you are needing a little extra relaxation during your present time, drink Delysia Chocolatier’s Lavender drinking chocolate. Lavender has been linked to several health benefits, so enjoy this drink as you sip into ease and relaxation.

Simplify your life by sipping the lavender infused chocolate drink.

All these options require physical and mental dedication, but the benefits reaped can be amazing. Use this first week of August to take baby steps towards a better and simpler lifestyle.You will be able to focus on better living and feel rejuvenated entering the fall season.

What will you do this week to simplify your life this week? Do you have any other tips on where to add simplicity in your home and everyday routine? Share with us on Twitter or Facebook.