Handmade Chocolate Truffles

Every sales pitch seems to involve the following sentence:

All of our chocolate truffles are handmade …


I would even repeat that phrase throughout a conversation. But the emphasis always seemed to be overlooked. Maybe this is due to society’s overuse and misrepresentation of the word handmade?

The Webster dictionary defines handmade as “made by hand or by a hand process”. That’s exactly what we do – we make each chocolate truffle by hand, not using any large manufacturing equipment. Our chocolates are created in a simple kitchen space by hand, just for you.

This is Delysia Chocolatier’s philosophy – Our chocolate creations are all natural, no additives or preservatives. We use fine quality chocolate and only the freshest ingredients so you can enjoy chocolates near perfection.










Nicole Patel

Nicole Patel is the proprietor of and chocolatier for Delysia Chocolatier. In 2006 while pregnant with her first son, Nicole made a batch of chocolate truffles as holiday gifts. To the delight of friends and family, she continued to create chocolates as a way to relieve stress from her corporate engineering job. In 2008, a chance trip to Becker Vineyards led to Nicole being the first in Texas to make truffles using local wines. Within five years, what started as a hobby turned Delysia into one of the Top Ten Chocolatiers in the Americas, as selected by the International Chocolate Salon.