Entertaining Tips for all of Your Fall Festivities

fall entertaining tips

Cooler weather has finally arrived, and with it brings football games and holiday celebrations. Fall is the season of entertaining, and usually means the last hurrah of outdoor parties before the cold weather arrives. Here are a few tips to help make all of your fall celebrations the talk of the block.

Autumn everywhere

With gorgeous, rich colors and center piece options available at every farmer’s market, Autumn creates the perfect setting for entertaining. In more temperate climates, the weather provides an oasis for an outdoor dinner party and gathering around a firepit. If it’s still too cold or hot in your part of the country, bring the outdoors in by using seasonal grown centerpieces. Take miniature pumpkins, squash, fallen leaves and display them along your table with candles to set an inviting mood that encompasses the season. Take the beautiful weather or harvests and incorporate them in all of your entertaining for the next few months no matter the party.

Fall Football

Football season is officially in full swing, which means tailgating and Sunday get-togethers. Tailgating is serious business, especially when you’re hosting some serious fans!

Planning a tailgate can be pretty simple; all you need is a few things to make your party the talk of the game. The formula to a great tailgate is good food, drinks and a lot of team spirit. For a full checklist on how to how the perfect pre-game tailgate visit our blog.

Are you looking for a way to keep everyone entertained during the game (including the tag-a-longs to diehard fans)? Create a game table with cards, board games, or other options so that there is something for everyone whether they are more interested in the screen or the company. Decorate the table with centerpieces inspired by the season and color-coordinated to the teams.

A Halloween Bash

Halloween is the highlight of the fall season and kids aren’t the only ones who love to celebrate this spooky holiday! Adults love a chance to dress up and be someone else for a night, so this Halloween, invite your friends over and tell them to leave the kids at home. This Halloween celebration is for adults only!

The first step in the planning process is choosing a party theme. A theme will help make shopping for food and decorations easier, and it will help your party guests know how they should dress. For example, a murder mystery or a Hitchcock party theme will make your party sophisticated and entertaining, and you guests know exactly what they should wear.

After you choose your theme it’s time to plan your menu and how you are going to keep your guests entertained throughout the night! Pinterest is the perfect place halloween collection chocolate trufflesto find all your recipes and decoration and entertainment ideas. By creating a board for your party, you can keep all ideas organized and in one place with a digital visual.

Now don’t forget the most important part of Halloween, which are the sweets! Delysia Chocolatier’s Halloween collection chocolate truffles will help keep your party sophisticated while satisfying everyone’s sweet tooth. Treat your guests to an array of caramel, candy corn, and peanut butter chocolate truffles. These creamy and robust chocolate truffles are the perfect adult version of Halloween candy.

If you need more help planning your Halloween festivities, Camille Styles has a lifestyle blog that will help you in every step of your party planning! Don’t forget to share all your fall festivities on Delysia’s social media pages or in the comments below.