Simple steps to easier holiday travel

Tips and tricks to travel with ease this holiday season

Holidays are chaotic enough between making plans, arranging travel, and  prepping for a holiday meal. The smallest details tend to be forgotten. This is why Delysia Chocolatier created a checklist to help smooth your travels and, hopefully, keep you sane.Our guide will ease your holiday travel stress

  1. Practice mindfulness. Go ahead and accept the fact that you’re about to enter into a hectic airport with a lot of people, or you may be driving during the peak hours. Practice mindfulness techniques (meditation, journaling, etc.) to prepare yourself. Know your stressors and the appropriate way to handle them. It will be stressful, but you can handle it!
  2. Give yourself time. Time is imperative when planning a holiday trip. Last minute plans will make your holiday stressful and less fun. Prep by creating a schedule (refer to number one if you become overwhelmed), making a to-do list, and creating a backup plan. Things happen that are out of our control, but we can manage time appropriately to
  3. Keep your kids happy. This also applies to keeping them fed. Parents, try to always have a snack, a drink, and change of clothes (that applies to all types of weather). Having a difficult and upset kid can make traveling worse. We need everyone happy and ready for the unpredictable.Delysia's chocolate molds make for cute decor and a sweet treat
  4. Bring gifts for your guest. I know this seems different because typically you visit family. Family takes in everyone, right? However, put yourself in their shoes. It takes a lot to prep a house for visitors. Plan ahead to bring something small to show gratitude. Try Delysia’s holiday chocolate molds as a sweet, simple, and versatile gift. They can be used a table decor for dinner and a sweet treat afterwards!

Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be thankful for more than just turkey and family time. Make sure to tag us in pictures during your holiday travel!