Delysia Chocolatier’s Holiday Gift Guide


If you’re like my family, we’ve started sharing our lists of needs and wants for this Christmas. Here at Delysia, we wanted to share unique ideas that we think would make exceptional holiday gifts for those on your list. Our ideas include both indulgent Delysia chocolates and fantastic products from our loyal partners.

Wife/Girlfriend: Your exceptional woman will love chocolate just as exceptional – Delysia’s Gianduja. This rare Italian confection features hazelnuts blended with almond paste and is beautifully layered with white, milk, and dark chocolate. Another rare treat that she might enjoy is Con’ Olio’s Black Truffle Carpaccio. Just a little bit of this goes a long way in a variety of foods, enhancing it as only truffle essence can. In our home, we like to add it to pasta that consistently surprises and delights guests.

Husband/Boyfriend: For your favorite man in your life, Delysia’s Gentleman Truffle Collection is sure to surprise and wow him at the same time. This nine-piece set features scotch, dark chocolate, and cigar, creating a classic collection that you won’t find anywhere else. Consider pairing this truffle collection with a bottle of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, produced in Austin’s oldest and first distillery. The vodka is incredibly smooth like our truffles. This pair is sure to be a hit.

Mother: They say a mother’s job is never done, and now as a new mother, I completely agree. Delysia’s Lavender Hot Chocolate is a soothing and calming concoction that will delight your mother’s senses and give her a few moments of bliss. To continue that soothing bliss, Becker Vineyard’s online lavender shop offers lotion, therapy cream, body scrub, and more. The lavender is grown on the Becker Vineyards plot, featuring 4,000 plants, and it’s the same lavender we use in our hot chocolate and Texas Truffle Collection! The classic scent will create a lasting relaxing vibe all day long that your mother will love.

Delysia Chocolatier's Lavender Hot Chocolate and Ghost Pepper Chocolate Bark
Lavender Hot Chocolate and Ghost Pepper Chocolate Bark

Father: Fathers are strong and fun, just like the chocolate we have picked out for him – our Ghost Pepper Chocolate Bark. This bark starts with dark chocolate that is blended with ground ghost peppers (the hottest naturally occurring peppers in the world!) and then sprinkled with ghost pepper salt. If he’s up to it, pair this chocolate bark with The Savory Spice Shop’s Complete Carnivore Stack-a-Pack. It features the sets of Bye-Bye Birdie (enhances chicken), Chops & Bones BBQ (perfect for pork recipes), and Wranglin Rubs (versatile for a variety of meats). Your father will be set for the year with seasonings and exciting chocolate!

Children: What child can resist the tasty combination of milk chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers?! Our S’mores Bark is sure to bring big smiles to the children’s faces (and adults too). I also found this adorable Jelly Cat book set available at Breed & Co., called, “If I Were A…”. The board book has texture and activities that are perfect to charm young ones.

Delysia Chocolatier's S'mores Chocolate Bark and Dark Chocolate Coffee Bark
S’mores Chocolate Bark and Dark Chocolate Coffee Bark

Grandparents: Dark chocolate and coffee are fabulous alone, but even better when combined. Delysia’s Dark Chocolate Coffee Bark is sure to please your grandparents’ tastebuds with rich dark chocolate and tiny bits of coffee crunch. Pair this bar with an incredible LangeTwins Winery and Vineyards Holiday Gift Pack, featuring 6 outstanding bottles of wine (both reds and whites), along with a cork pull and tea towel – all custom gift-wrapped together.  This flavorful pairing of chocolate and wine will be a true delight.

Be sure to support our partners, and get your Delysia Chocolatier orders in soon so we can start sharing our delicious creations with you and your loved ones.


Nicole Patel

Nicole Patel is the proprietor of and chocolatier for Delysia Chocolatier. In 2006 while pregnant with her first son, Nicole made a batch of chocolate truffles as holiday gifts. To the delight of friends and family, she continued to create chocolates as a way to relieve stress from her corporate engineering job. In 2008, a chance trip to Becker Vineyards led to Nicole being the first in Texas to make truffles using local wines. Within five years, what started as a hobby turned Delysia into one of the Top Ten Chocolatiers in the Americas, as selected by the International Chocolate Salon.