Celebrate National Chocolate Day

With National Chocolate Day this week, we wanted to share some delicious ways to celebrate this sweet holiday.

dark chocolate truffle in cocoa powderYou are probably thinking that International Chocolate Day was just a month ago, but as one of America’s favorite flavors chocolate deserves more than just one day of celebration! Now who are we to argue with that?

Bowl Full of Chocolate

Start your day right with some chocolaty goodness. Take your bowl of oatmeal and add a little sprinkle of chocolate. Delysia Chocolatier’s chocolate bark would be the perfect addition to your bowl with so many different flavors to choose from. Our lavender chocolate bark will add a fresh chocolate flavor to your oats while the pecan cayenne chocolate bark will give you that little kick you need to start your day!

Combine Dinner and Dessert

ghost pepper chocolate bark melted atop a filet mignonAfter a long day at work unwind with with baking. A decadent homemade chocolate cake is the perfect way to celebrate this sweet holiday. When choosing your recipe try to look for one that calls for melted chocolate in the batter and in the frosting. The melted chocolate will help keep the cake moist and full of chocolate flavor. If you like a bold chocolate flavor try adding Delysia’s coffee dark chocolate bark. This will bring out the chocolate in the cake while giving it a slight coffee flavor.


Delysia Chocolatier's Ghost pepper dark chocolate bark, available at our Austin, Texas shop.While you’re patiently waiting for dessert, grill yourself a steak to perfection and melt a piece of Ghost pepper bark on the top. This combination of red meat and dark chocolate is unbelievable and addicting. The chocolate will create a sauce that’s perfectly sweet and salty.

Delysia’s Halloween chocolate truffles would also be a great addition to this sweet holiday. With three unique truffle flavors,from caramel to peanut butter, there is something to please everyone!

Celebrate this week’s National Chocolate Day your own special way with your favorite chocolate treats and recipes. Don’t forget to share your photos and recipes with us in the comments below and on Delysia Chocolatier’s social media pages!