Get Adventurous With Hiking Chocolate Bark

When you’re out there enjoying the great outdoors one thing is certain: you’ve got to keep your energy up. One of the best and tastiest ways to do that is with (you guessed it) chocolate! Hiking chocolate has a few requirements: high in the good stuff (think antioxidants and energy boosting elements), low in fat, and slow to melt — because chocolate pockets are never fun.  Here at Delysia, we’ve got some super outdoor-friendly chocolate bark options — just toss them in the freezer the night before and grab them before you head out the door.  Read on to learn more about the energy packed chocolate bark we have to offer.Hiking chocolate pecan cayenne bark

Pecan Cayenne Bark

Keep your energy up and your taste buds kicking with this nut and spice filled chocolate perfection that earned a bronze medal in the 2013 Chocolate Bar Awards. The kick of cayenne livens up your taste buds while the bits of pecans fuel your energy.  Fun fact: pecans are botanically considered fruits, not nuts — who knew?!

Hiking chocolate coffee bark

Dark Chocolate Coffee Bark

The coffee and chocolate combination in this dark chocolate bark is the perfect pick-me-up. A blend of fast and lasting energy: the caffeine kicks in super fast and the dark chocolate keeps it up over time. The ground coffee featured in this delicious confection adds an awesome texture, too.



Cricket Bark

Our cricket bark features exactly that: crickets! For outdoor enthusiasts that are adventurous foodies as well, this protein-packed, high-fiber bark makes for some of the best hiking chocolate around. In addition to roasted crickets, you’ll find pumpkin seeds, soy beans, dried cranberries, and currants in this delicious and daring chocolate bark.

Let us help you keep your energy up on your next adventure — from hikes to long plane rides and road trips, we’re here to serve up tasty confections to get you through your trip. Get in touch today and let us know how we can help!

Nicole Patel

Nicole Patel is the proprietor of and chocolatier for Delysia Chocolatier. In 2006 while pregnant with her first son, Nicole made a batch of chocolate truffles as holiday gifts. To the delight of friends and family, she continued to create chocolates as a way to relieve stress from her corporate engineering job. In 2008, a chance trip to Becker Vineyards led to Nicole being the first in Texas to make truffles using local wines. Within five years, what started as a hobby turned Delysia into one of the Top Ten Chocolatiers in the Americas, as selected by the International Chocolate Salon.