Thank you gift box, large


Give great thanks

This basket is perfect for a close friend or acquaintance with a mix of dark and milk chocolate that is sure to please everyone no matter their tastes.

Our Signature collection chocolate truffles has favorites for everyone with Coffee, Milk chocolate, Hazelnut, Honey, Raspberry, Caramel, Dark chocolate, Peanut butter, and Cinnamon truffles in dark and milk chocolate. The Salted collection chocolate truffles combines milk chocolate Salted caramel truffles with dark chocolate Sea salt and Smoked salted caramel truffles. Our Milk chocolate collection combines three seemingly ordinary flavors into an extraordinary box with creamy Milk chocolate truffles, rich Caramel truffles, and salty, savory Peanut butter truffles that will delight the senses. For the chocolate traditionalists that enjoy savory sweetness, crunchy texture and the earthy taste of high quality nuts, this is the collection for you highlighting Almond, Pistachio and Pecan. Locally grown, perfectly ripened berries like Raspberry, Blueberry and Strawberry are hand-selected to create the Berry collection chocolate truffles that are worlds apart from the artificial flavors found in other confections. Our Dark chocolate drinking chocolate uses responsibly sourced solid pieces of 64% dark chocolate are finely ground into a fragrant, rich powder that blends smoothly. Our Thank you molded chocolates spell out just what you feel in solid chocolate. Our seven-ounce chocolate barks are filled with indulgent ingredients that are sure to please any lucky recipient. Our Coffee dark chocolate bark was made for anyone who enjoys the intoxicating aroma of fresh coffee beans and the irresistible taste of a strong, slightly bitter brew. Our Lavender chocolate bark takes full advantage of this fragrant, floral member of the mint family.

Show your thanks and appreciation in an unforgettable

This appreciative gift box contains:

  • Signature collection chocolate truffles
  • Salted collection chocolate truffles
  • Milk collection chocolate truffles
  • Nut collection chocolate truffles
  • Berry collection chocolate truffles
  • Dark chocolate drinking chocolate OR Dark chocolate collection chocolate truffles
  • Thank you molded chocolate bar
  • 7oz chocolate bark
  • 7oz chocolate bark
  • Coffee dark chocolate bark, 3oz
  • Lavender chocolate bark, 3oz


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