For our sweeties, we introduce the Sweetheart chocolate truffles collection, which is undoubtedly love wrapped up with tender appreciation. The blissful decadence in this collection is the quintessential way to entwine chocolate into the holiday. Enjoy the perfect symphony of tart and sweet Raspberry deliciousness, the effervescent & brutish Champagne, and a classic, our expertly crafted Dark chocolate ready to melt in your mouth.

Reminisce on those uncomplicated times with your special someone this year, elevated to the status that they deserve.

Sweetness reimagined

There’s something about the month of February that makes your affections feel more intense. Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate every shade of love you are feeling towards your special someone. Our Lovers collection captures the essence of your feelings for each other, with soft Rose petal, smooth Red velvet, and bubbly Strawberry brut chocolate truffles meant for every memorable occasion.

For a gift as deep as your devotion, look no further than our Valentines truffle collections.

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Delysia Chocolatier creates unique chocolates that satisfy any chocolate lover. Our confections range from the pure to the more innovative combinations. Whether for a personal gift or a corporate client, we have exactly what you need for your next gift or event. Learn more about what we offer.

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