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Never struggle again to find the perfect gift. Delysia Chocolatier handcrafts chocolates near perfection for everyone, from the traditionalist to the adventurous. Let us assist you with selecting the perfect gift to delight your special someone.

Follow our guide for options that will impress your sweetie. Finding the greatest gifts for your loved ones just got a lot easier.

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Want to impress your sweetheart with a new and creative date idea this Spring? Join us every weekend at the Delysia Chocolatier Culinary Center for complimentary chocolate tastings.

Indulge in some of our favorite chocolates inspired by bright spring days and the great state of Texas. Complimentary tastings take place every Saturday from 11am-6pm and Sundays from 12pm-5pm.

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Whether you are an adventurous foodie desiring chocolates with innovative flavor combinations or a purist at heart, we have chocolates for everyone.

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Whether it is Thanksgiving, a get together with friends, or your special day, we have chocolates for life’s every occasion.

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From last minute gifts to sweet somethings, we have chocolates that will fit any need. Explore our complete line of products by price.

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Delysia Chocolatier creates unique chocolates that satisfy any chocolate lover. Our confections range from the pure to the more innovative combinations. Whether for a personal gift or a corporate client, we have exactly what you need for your next gift or event. Learn more about what we offer.

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